Our Inspiration
For as long as I can remember, my mom had a seashell on her kitchen windowsill in my childhood home. She adores the beach and would spend as much time there as possible. I always saw that seashell as her daily escape to one of her favorite places.

When Mom decided to move to a continual care community, I wanted to make her new home feel as familiar as possible. We carefully selected her favorite rugs, chairs, vases, glasses, artwork and, of course, her seashell. 

As we moved Mom into her new home, her seashell was given a special place to ensure she would see it every day - just like she had for the past 35 years in her former home.

At Golden Moves, we will find that special place for your seashell - ensuring your new home is familiar and welcoming. 
Seashell on a Windowsill