Not an Easy Task - let us help.
Phase 1 - FREE Consultation and Transition Proposal 
We will meet with you to learn about your situtation, timeline, and gather some data related to your transition. After our initial meeting, we will follow up with a Transition Proposal outlining estimated timelines, recommended services, and pricing options.

Phase 2 - Floor Plan Development
Golden Moves will create a personalized floor plan of your new home ensure all your wishes are met.  This visual aid will enable you to finalize your choices for your new home - before a single item is packed.  

Phase 3 - Possession Management
We can work with you to create a master list of your possessions and your preferred actions regarding them. We assist in the process, but the decisions are yours.  We will help you execute the following decisions:

     what to keep for your next residence
     what to tag or send family members or friends
     what to sell, donate, or throw away
     options for selling your possessions

Phase 4 - Moving Day
Golden Moves will 
     Direct the move, including packing, loading and unloading of possessions
     Direct the placement of furniture and possessions, according to the floorplan
     Unpack cartons and settle you in to your new residence.  

Contact us to get your downsizing conversation started.  


Golden Moves is a partner dedicated to easing the stress and emotions that you may experience during a transition to smaller place.  Whether it's leaving the comfort of an existing neighborhood, the familiarity of a current home, or the fear over the next living arrangement, Golden Moves can help alleviate these anxieties.  We work with our clients and family members to map a transition plan.  We will be sensitive to your wishes while addressing your  needs, providing as much (or as little) help as you may need.  

Golden Moves is fully bonded and insured.